(or junko! but twilight is preferred, nicknames are super welcomed!)

♡ ⚢ / she/they / 17 ♡

i have two amazing cats!


im canadian south african!

i like to draw and edit!

my birthday is april 17th! im an aries! ♈︎

i adore anything relating to unicorns, horses/ponies, bats, hyenas, mlp and vampires!

i struggle a ton with math, numbers and spelling so i often use speech to text to help me! so i'm sorry in advance for any errors!

my favourite colours are pink, orange and black!!

i ADORE body horror media, especially ones involving parasites, infection, invasion, contagion, mutation, transformation, disease, mutilation, etc!

i am obsessed in cinematography, in a lot of genres!

i love love love toons, and animation/cartoons in general but I particularly love toon!

i adore claymation!

i love animatronics both in real life, and fictional ones!

i love my friends!! :D

hyperfixations and comfort medias !


    these are some of my 'kins', or whatever you want to call them!
    i don't take 'kinning' very seriously or partake in the community, just characters i relate to, associate with myself or especially like a ton!
    (in no particular order!)


    ♡ some comfort/favorite characters! ♡

    ♡ almost all mlp characters are automatic comfort characters! ♡

    MY OC'S!

    Equus Epona

    ~ unicorn pony

    ~ photographer

    ~can be depicted as 'feral' or anthro

    ~ loves carrots, hayburgers, oats, daffodil and daisy sandwiches, hay fries and orange juice

    ~acts suspiciously dog and cat like for a pony....


    ~ cheshire cat like creature

    ~ can be depicted or referred to as male (he him) or female (she/her) !

    ~ very mysterious and mischievous, can do magic, fly, teleport, anything! but rarely acts on his powers, he just wants to have fun!

    ~ antihero

    ~ black strands of hair can extend and turn into black snake like monsters!

    ~ tail grows to an unlimited length!


    -wings on back and small wings on head

    -unicorn horn!

    -big soft tail! very durable, acts like a fifth limb!

    -gentle giant, comes off intimidating but is very kind!


    ~ has a very loud, maniacal laugh

    ~always in costumes or highly dressed, always trying to look his best

    ~ loves strawberry banana smoothies

    ~can somehow run like a quadruped

    ~ the weird kid in class

    Primrose Blossombat

    can preform dark magic

    grows multicolored pumpkins

    loves coffee, and has an obsession with antiques and crystals/gems